Saturday, 21st Sept

09:00      Opening of Race Office for race pack collection

Sunday, 22nd Sept

07:20     Ethnic and cultural performances

08:00    All the athletes check in

09:00     Opening Ceremony of Vatternrundan China 2019

09:30     Start of Vatterundan China 2019 in blocks(133km/41km/42km)

09:35     Junior and family group start

13:30     Long distance award ceremony- Center Square of Tumen( Depends on the finish time of the athlete)

16:00     CUT at finish in Tumen City for 133 km race

Further options for race set you may choose:

Monday, 23rd Sept

Visit the border city of China, North Korea, Russia

1.Changbai Mountains, Vladivostok, Russia 5-day Tour

2.Nanyang Fangchuan Vladivostok 5-day Tour

3.3. 2-day tour of Luo Xian, Korea

  1. 1-day tour of Changbai Mountain
  2. 1-day tour to Nanyang, Korea